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You wrote:

I’m a tad bit torn on the tubes-thing, but I know it’s the best thing for our family and that’s what’s important.

Please pray about this. Perhaps your being torn is telling you that this isn’t the way to go.
You also wrote:

I simply cannot keep up with the house, the kids, and the discipline. Our kids get nuts, the house falls apart, and I am exausted and frustrated.


I have a newborn and have to give her a lot of attention the first few months. So, it amounts to about a year of absolute chaos in our home.

I can see that you are a bit frustrated and overwhelmed with everything. Is there someone close to you that can perhaps take the children for an hour or two each week so that you can have some time to yourself and get some needed R&R? 🙂
Especially being pregnant, I know that you are tired and probably just a bit overwhelmed with the idea of a newborn adding in to everything. From reading your posts I can tell that you are very proud of your beautiful family and I know that people look at you and your children with admiration and love. If you are ‘torn’ about having your tubes tied, please reconsider that decision. Study up on NFP and trust that God will give you and your family exactly what you need. I know that sounds easy but if you really think about it, He won’t give you more than you can handle. Tying your tubes is so permanent. –I know that when I hold my newborn baby in my arms just minutes after birth, I am so overwhelmed with joy–all of the pains and stress on my body that the pregnancy gave me, all of the worries and trouble…so worth it!
My last pregnancy was very difficult. Many problems. I was in the hospital for 4 days before her birth, dehydrated and very, very sick. My liver, kidneys and pancreas were testing as being not normal (counts I think, I was too sick to really remember) I had torn my esophogus and couldn’t eat or drink anything. Very nauseated. They discharged me on Christmas day around 5:00 pm so that I could be home with my other children for Christmas and about 2 hours after being home my water broke and Sophia Grace was born about 38 minutes after that. (Christmas Day 2005) I was supposed to have a c-section but God had other plans. As it turns out, my OBGYN said that he didn’t think my body would have been able to withstand the surgery and I must have had “God looking down on me”.
Gave me goosebumps to hear my Doctor say those words.

You can be certain that He has everything under control. Even during those times where you think nothing is in control.

Sometimes when my life seems to be spinning out of control, just a walk or some alone time helps put things together for me. I wish we lived closer as my older children would love to help out.
Well, there’s my 2 cents worth. I can just tell from your posts that you love being a mom and I really want you to pray about decisions you need to make.
Take care and ‘hugs’ to your little ones.