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@lynnt wrote:

Welcome!!!! You have your hands full in a wonderful way! 🙂

It is sooooo refreshing to hear it termed that way! Not like… “You’ve got your hands full!” with the thought in mind that “I’m glad I’m not here”, or “Poor opressed woman”, or “why would you want so many children?”, or even “Glad I’m not her/them!”
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I actually like some of the mainstream Parenting magazines…I take what applies and chuck the rest LOL.

Actually, they come here, because dh had a solo doctor’s office and had all mail forwarded, and we keep getting them free, since I keep getting signed up when I’m seeing an OB. So, I do leaf through them. I have found some fun kid recipes in the books, I’ll admit. And I save a lot of their craft ideas, too. And I like to compare the advice columns to what I would do, for fun.
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Just discovered Faith & Family and I love it! Hated Mothering. I like to do the natural AP thing, but you are right…that one is just too political.

F&F I do love. I started getting Catholic Digest, as well. I didn’t order it, as it wasn’t recommended by some Catholic Mothers when I asked about it, but I’ve found some fun things in it for the kids and I to do. Like we made pretzels for Lent and shared them with their classes. It’s another one I leaf through, though. I do enjoy the stories as something to sit and read when I can relax (when is that?! I don’t know… 😉 ) I’m so sad about Mothering… it was a great publication for a while, but I know a lot of others who have become disappointed in it, as well.
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Love babywearing, though my DS, who is 21m, is starting to not like it as much. *sigh* I used to be a baby carrier addict. Now I’m down to just 2—my Freehand MT and my Didymos wrap.

I used to swear by the Over The Shoulder Baby Holder, unti I was sent a Maya. I’ll never go back! I love the unpadded ones! Wow! I don’t sweat, I can make it much more secure and snug around my infant, and it has so many more possibilities (I’ve used it as a jacket for a chilly preschooler, a blanket for an infant, etc.). And the pocket in the tail is a nice touch. I, also, have an Ella Roo Wrap (like a rebozo), that I like for when infants are sick or clingy. I haven’t heard of either of the ones you have, but they sound interesting. I love that you can use and abuse these carriers! I’ve carried beyond the suggested weight limit before. When DD6 was 3.5, we were downtown at an event and discovered she had a fever and was ill. So, we put her in the sling, she slept on my shoulder and DD3 was 10 mos… she hung out on daddy’s shoulders all day (she had a blast). Weight limits on most are suggested 35 lbs., however they are tested up to 100 lbs. My preschooler, at the time, was 42 lbs. She didn’t even feel that heavy, amazingly. I love baby carriers! Try getting strollers around in stores and some lines at amusement parks!!! When at Disney and we hop park to park, we rent their stroller for the older kids!!!! and use the sling for the baby. We don’t have to lug it on the trams or the bus, just pick up another rental at the next park (one fee covers any rental, any park, just take your tag). It’s only $15 for the double, but it makes life so much easier, it’s so worth it, and when the baby wants to sleep, she can always lie down in the stroller! Babbling!!!!
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Hope you enjoy it here! I don’t get on as much as I want, but I do really like it here.[/i]

I already really enjoy these forums. AND, I already don’t get on as much as I’D like. Thank you for making me so wellcomed!

So excited to be here!