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I have 4 kids, all of them within less than 5 years. The last two were C/S and they have definitely taken a toll on my body. I had the last baby 11 months ago. When I was 25 weeks pregnant my pelvis separated. I attempted a VBAC and after 14 hours of unmedicated labor went under the knife again. My point is my pregnancies are hard and I never go into labor on my own. I have had 4 induced labors, 2 ending in a c/s and one labor that lasted 63 hours! My first C/S nearly killed me five weeks afterward, I was admitted to the hospital with a uterus that was full of infection and left with a lot of scarring.
Nothing about having babies has ever come naturally or easily for me. My pelvis is still separated from baby #4. DH and I use NFP(Creighton method) We have recently discussed having another. Our house is too small but our hearts are not. My head says having another just isn’t sensible. However, I have very little trust in my own good sense but I am willing to put my trust in Him. I believe that in being truly open to His Will he will make His Will the desire of your heart. As the song says, “whetever my lot, Thou has taught me to say, It is well..It is well with my soul.”
I am aquaintanced with a woman who has had 7 c/s. When the nurses asked her if she was going to do this again her answer was neither yes or no but rather, “God-willing.” To me, that is a beautiful expression of her faith.
God never gives us anything His Grace isn’t big enough to handle. Remember that happiness doesn’t come from having physical comfort(though it certainly helps) but rather from keeping our actions in line with our principles.
You are in my prayers.