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I was not interested in reading the book, whatsoever, and am still not. I have little reading time, so I’d rather spend it on my magazines and journals I actually pay for.

I admit, I was a bit diappointed to find out that Ron Howard was directing and Tom Hanks was starring in the film. Two of my favorites in Hollywood (though they certainly don’t top the list). I like actors and actresses who take, or don’t take, rolls based on their ethics and principles, or who, at least, don’t use award ceremonies to profess their political beliefs. :roll: But, I saw an interview where Ron Howard kept referring to it as a work of fiction and that is simply what he directed was another movie that was a work of fiction. That, I can handle.

So, I look at it as a work of fiction. I feel those who change or loose their faith over the book or the movie, never had very strong faith or beliefs, either way. This saddens me, and perhaps, some day they’ll find the errors in their way. I can only pray for them, for now. Which I do.

I, myself, do not plan to read the book. Not much into reading novels, anyhow. I’m more into self-improvement, spiritual enlightenment, learning about my faith, or other books that help me somehow (i.e. I’ve been reading Easy HTML for eBay to improve my eBay auctions, gardening books, recipe books, books on being a Mystery Shopper, books on getting published, writing for children’s publications, and freelance writing, investing books, real estate books, books on the Rosary, Catholic Faith, etc…. I used to read various parenting books, but I’ve pretty much got my own style, right now… just wait until they become teenagers!!! More Books!!!). You get the idea!!!!

As for seeing the movie… I view it very similar to other movies that get my interest but I don’t wish to support their ideals. I’ll get it when it comes on DVD to the Library!!!! I won’t rent it, as that supports the movie. I won’t buy it or see it in any theatre, as that supports the movie. I’ll borrow it from the library or see it when it comes to TV or cable. I did this with A.I; Artificial Intelligence, The Day After Tomorrow (both dealt with Global Warming, which, sorry to say, I don’t believe in), and I plan to borrow Micheal Moore’s movie about 9/11 from the library (just to laugh at it!)…

We see very few movies, out. We usually go to the drive-in, as with 4+ kids, it’s easier and cheaper. I’d very much like to see the movie about the 9/11 flight that the passengers fought back (can’t remember the name, currently, it escapes me)… I’ll pay for that! I’ll pay for quality children’s movies and some select G movies, and some PG. We paid a lot to see Lord of the Rings movies, several times, and Star Wars movies, several times. We saw Jonah, A VeggieTales Movie 3 times, opening weekend to support it, and paid for our nieces and nephews to see it, as well! I’d like to own Passion of the Christ, and wish I could have paid to see it three times opening weekend, or at all (I was basically, “out of commission” that whole time… augh!!!)!!!

Spiderman II and Spiderman are some of my favorite movies. I liked Fantastic 4. We paid to see these. Spiderman III, I’ll support in opening weekend, as we did for Spiderman II. Not to mentiong Superman and Batman (the new one). I love Xmen, but it’s not an opening weekend type of movie (that’s the numbers that the execs really look at). We are not going to see MI:3. Just lost so much interest in Tom Cruise!

Babbling!!! You get the idea and my opinion.

I stick with it’s a work of fiction. I’ll take it or leave it, but I won’t believe it! Although, one of my favorite talk show hosts mentioned that he’d be very upset if someone made a movie about his father and it was a work of fiction, and completely false, and everyone knew it, but, yet, it was out there for everyone to see, if they so desired. It made me think. I’d be very POd if they did that to my dad!!! Or even someone I knew, for that matter. Don’t I know God and Jesus?! So, on that line of thought, I’m offended and upset. I’m simply not seeing the movie. I’m letting my money and my feet do the talking. It WILL NOT get any support or backing from me.

God Bless!!!