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I do the “big trip” every week and a half or so. Small trips for bread, milk, bananas, etc. in between.

We now consume about four gallons of milk a week, four loaves of bread, and about seven or eight pounds of bananas. My skinny little kids can really “put it away”! (God bless ’em – I’d rather have “eaters” than have to struggle with every bite. That’s exhausting! 😆 )

I did the “super big Easter shopping trip” yesterday. I had TONS of coupons this week. Between store savings, coupons, and a discount certificate I had (I take the discount instead of the free ham! It’s a better deal for me.)…I saved $96.00!!! I was really proud! 😀 Still spent over $200…..but I bought a ham, chicken breasts, and other meats as a part of it all.

I always need the “cart person” to help me out with my two carts! 😳
I’m officially the “lady with all the kids!” 😆 I felt like that lady on Discovery Channel who takes her 16 kids shopping with her! Can you IMAGINE attempting that? …and I thought I had a shopping challenge each week!