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We are also observing the tradition of not eating meat on Fridays (ok we’re vegan so again not an issue). Tonight we had vegan “chicken” nuggets and a nice big salad.

The total meal was:

nuggets: 3.59
lettuce: 2.89
4 tomatoes (I used 2): 2.59
small tub of sliced mushrooms: 1.79
carrots (1 lb): 1.29
croutons: .89

This is a bit pricey compared to our normal meals because I splurged and bought the nuggets.

Last night I made Shepherd’s Pie using:

mashed potatoes
frozen corn
frozen green beans
frozen peas

It was AWESOME!!

Dried beans are really economical and can be used to create yummy meals.

I make my own refried beans (using pinto or black beans) and you can even make your own tortillas using maize flour (also inexpensive).

Hope this helps.