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I think it probably still applies. My Mom grew up in a house with very little money. I remember hearing about meals during the Great Depression where they would have just old bread with sugar on it and a splash of milk instead of cereal or whatever. If I’m mistaken…someone tell me…but I had to hear Mom’s “There’s no excuse to eat meat” lectures as a teenager with the “We were so poor” stories attached! 😆

If you have an Aldi store near you, you can get loaves of bread for like a quarter. I’ve gotten packets of meatless noodles and sauce for like 69 cents! It IS possible to do it on even under a dollar! I get great joy in seeing how little I can spend on a meal. It’s kinda fun if you go about it with the right attitude. 😀 Also…if you’re talking about kids under the age of reason…..they’re ALLOWED to eat the meat anyways, so at least they are covered for the meal.

If you can’t come up with even a dollar, though….you could contact Catholic Charities for emergency food $$. I’ve heard from people that they are wonderful. 😀

Good luck and stay positive! 😀