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I work part-time (DH is home with kiddies now as he works evenings) and then also supplement our income with transcription for university profs. As a journalist and administrative person I’m a very fast typist and just kind of fell into the work. Someone needed transcripts done – so they’ve taped interviews for research purposes or for a doctor – but I’ve never done medical ones – and the transcriptionist types down word-for-word what is said. Word of mouth has kept the work coming in – not to the point that I have work every night – but enough to help and it’s fairly regular now.

Most tapes now are digital (years ago used to be actual cassettes and you needed a dictaphone or transcription machine to play them back), so they email them to me. You can download excellent free software to play the tapes (people have to buy to actually tape interviews – but the trascription software is free). It’s called Express Scribe and works for PC or Mac. Having used it on both, I will say it is better on PC with Microsoft Word.

If you are a typist, post a notice at your local college or university and see what response you get. I type evenings once everyone under four feet tall is sleeping. 🙂 Charge is @ $100 per hour of transcribed tape here in Canada (may be more in US?? I have no way of knowing) – so roughly $20 an hour depending on the quality of the tape and how long it takes to type it. I’ve done work for grad students and profs now. Much of it is is interesting. also did some work for a charity for homeless teens – again – by word of mouth they got my name. It’s interesting. Like eavesdropping.

Hope this helps! And if anyone needs a transcriptionist….let me know!!!! 🙄