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I am *so* thankful for my new OB. I’ve only seen him twice now, but, he seems like a very nice man and his nurses are very sweet.

At any rate, I found him through an add in the bulletin at the church we have been attending. Great guy and NFP is the only option LOL. That doesn’t bother me ONE BIT. I took the pill, reluctantly, starting at about 14. My parents insisted I take birth control pills, more or less, the minute I had a cycle. Even when I insisted I wasn’t going to do anything like that. It really made me mad.

When I was old enough to be free of them, I still used the pill after my first son was born, then tried the shots–it was awful and it only got worse. Now, I’ve told DH I won’t take it. It makes me miserable and I don’t want it. DH tried condoms briefly but said he didn’t like them and he wasn’t really worried about it anyway.

So, now, we’re happily pregnant again, BUT, DH keeps going back and forth on whether or not he wants a vasectomy. I just don’t see it as right (in general) or for him or for us. We like kids, our kids are happy…

It is tough though, because I get tempted to say “no more and that is final” just because I would like to work someday….but, I know that isn’t right, either. And if DH did get the big V, I’d feel guilty for the rest of my life for letting him.

With RCIA and converting on the horizon, NFP is the choice we should make. I like the idea because I hate pills and I don’t like the idea of shutting out the potential to have more kids.

It goes against everything I was ever taught, though. The “rythym method”, etc. was always poo-pooed by Dr’s and family. The pill is “freedom”…yeah, freedom to feel miserably hormonal all the time!!!