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CelticSpirit, I totally agree with you. When I gave birth to my baby girl, my OB immediately asked my husband and I whether we’d be using condoms, or what type of pill I plan on using; he said getting pregnant immediately after giving birth isn’t healthy and can lead to problems, etc. which might be true, but thanks for giving me the NFP choice, doc. …

At my postpartum checkup he once again asked me this, and I was kind of at a loss of words because I intend on using NO contraception. And yes, there are horrid side effects to the pill. Just from personal experience, one friend of mine gained 40lbs after going on the pill, and then additional 10lbs when she tried to get off it. A different friend got a huge lump on her chest (thought it was cancer at first), but after a checkup it was confirmed to be an effect of the pill and needed to be surgically removed. Who’d want to go thru that??

I wish doctors were more informative regarding NFP, yet seems like no one brings it up. I think a lot more people would use it, not Catholic only, if they only knew about it and understood it.