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Hi Amby!

I’ll pray for you….say one for ME, too? 😀

We’ve found ourselves in a similar situation. We had a relative with a need to recover from a serious hospital stay who has been living with us. Well…guess what? He has fully recovered and has YET to move a number of months later! How do you gently tell someone to get the heck out of your house already!? 🙄 His family life at home is not so hot, and we know he enjoys being with a nice, normal family that doesn’t fight and scream all day. Also, he says “Your kids are so well behaved – you’d never know there were five of them!” (Another reason he likes staying here!) I’m thinking of asking the kids to start acting up! 😉 😆

DH is an absolute saint in putting up with this (it’s MY family)….but we both agree that enough is enough already. We have a newborn now and not much patience for a lot extra.

Just wanted to let you know that I feel for ya sister!!! 😉