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Well so far things are okay. My husband and I went on a small vacation last week and my in-laws watched my kids. The only problem we’ve run across so far happened while they were watching the kids. I left a list of numbers and instrustions for our children (I’m nerotic when it comes to my Angels). There were some food items I asked them not to feed my infant. When we get home I found out BIL did feed her some of those items. I was a little upset, I felt very disrespected. When they leave me instructions for their kids I follow them.
I was hurt, these are my kids. I have the right to leave instructions. He had the nerve to tell me “I’ve had/raised 5 kids, I know what I’m doing”
I admit he does have 5 kids, but is only raising 3 of them. But I didn’t bring that up, because it’s not his choice to not have the other 2. But regardless of how many children he has, these are my kids not his.
My DH agreed with me and was also very hurt and felt disrpected. I would think people would have enough respect to do as one asks when it comes to someone elses kids.
For a few days they weren’t talking to me, but they would speak to my husband. After I brought that to my DH’s attention he said something to his sister.
They are now talking to me. I haven’t brought the incicdent up again. Maybe I should at least tell them we felt disrpected, maybe I should just let it lie.
I think this situation will work, We all just need to learn each others limitations.