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Bob and I just went 2wks ago to Retrouvaille..It’s a marriage encounter weekend.. It’s mostly Catholic based, but any religion can attend..I have to say that it saved our marriage..I was on the verge of filing for divorce from Bob..I was so close to it, it’s scary..Then my mom recommend Retrouvaille, because she saw it in our church bulletin..

I really didn’t want to go at first..But I figured I’d give it a try and if it failed (which I was hoping it would do) then I tried all that I could..Plus I was afraid of leaving my 3 kids for the weekend..Not so much that I didn’t trust my mom to take care of them, but that they would terrorize her..I looked up some information on their website ( and got in contact with the people in my city..They sent me some info and said if we were interested to call them..It’s a couple who has been through a weekend and post-weekends..You and your DH have to call seperately so that they know that both of you are interested..Then after a screening they send you out more info..Our registration fee was $75, but it’s worth it..

As for the weekend it’s self..It’s great!! You’re not supposed to bring watches, clocks, cell phones, or pagers..Although I brought my cell phone to check on the kids..You go to a retreat center..And you basically write and talk to your spouse all weekend..You dialouge and write your feelings down and then discuss them with your DH..I got to know Bob more in that weekend then in the almost 10yrs we’ve been married..That weekend changes you..You also have the option of going to confession and mass..It maybe different for different states..Then after your weekend you go to 7 post meetings and learn more..

I don’t know what the situation is with your marriage, but Retrouvaille could be an option for you..There were couples there who were divorced and wanted to get back together to couples who just wanted to communicate better with their spouses..It’s supposed to help troubled marriages..

If you want more info you could email me or check out the website..Just to let you know that it’s really hard work..It’s not a vacation weekend..But it helped us out tremendously..Some couples it takes awhile..

Well I hoped this helped you out..If you need to chat or talk about it you can always email me..