name Christine

age 44

spouse’s age 45

your occupation Farming, PT USPS

spouse’s occupation Commercial Construction

age of children 15 & 16

your dream job artist

worst job you ever had Nurses Aide

favorite time of year Winter

favorite holiday 4th of July

birthday 10-11

anniversary 12-1

are you a morning or night person? morning

what is your least favorite aspect of your current occupation? none

favorite activity with your family? hiking or working outdoors

favorite activity when you have ‘alone time’? art

what is your greatest fear? not living life to the fullest

what is your nervous habit? (biting fingernails, fidgeting, tapping your foot…) grinding my teeth

did you go to college? where? if you didn’t go, do you plan to? Lakeshore Tech.

if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Iceland