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Hi, I just came across this site last week.
name Julie

age 28

spouse’s age 36

your occupation: Pastoral Associate in a Catholic parish

spouse’s occupation: Jazz musician

age of children: one DD 20 mos.

your dream job: I’m pretty happy with what I’m doing… I think this is where God wants me for now

worst job you ever had: umm… sale clerk at a thrift store

favorite time of year: fall

favorite holiday: Thanksgiving

birthday: November

anniversary: June 9, 5 years this year!

are you a morning or night person? nighy

what is your least favorite aspect of your current occupation? having people call who want to drop off all kinds of stuff because they think any church will take anything and do something good with it. Sometimes we just throw it out!

favorite activity with your family? morning walks

favorite activity when you have ‘alone time’? reading

what is your greatest fear? having my daughter tell me one day that she doesn’t believe in God

did you go to college? College of Notre Dame of Maryland, BA
St. Mary’s Seminary and University, MA

if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? (pretending that safety is not an issue) I would love to travel more… I’d go almost anywhere.