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Hi am I new here. Age brings wisdom, that is what I tell myself anyway!

name Gina
age 36-37 on June 3

spouse’s age 43

your occupation Full time mom and part time Spanish teacher one night a week.

spouse’s occupation Accountant

age of children 10,8,6(7 in May) and one in the oven 10weeks

your dream job A photographer in Rome and around world for any religious artifacts

worst job you ever had Walmart

favorite time of year Spring

favorite holiday Easter

birthday June 3

anniversary May 13- 11 yrs.

are you a morning or night person? Neither

what is your least favorite aspect of your current occupation? I have no money

favorite activity with your family? Just being with them

favorite activity when you have ‘alone time’? Pray, meditate

what is your greatest fear? Loosing my husband

what is your nervous habit? (biting fingernails, fidgeting, tapping your foot…) eating

did you go to college? where? if you didn’t go, do you plan to? Yes, Stuebenville in Ohio

if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? (pretending that safety is not an issue)Ireland and Rome, and Fatima