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name: brandi

age: 31

spouse’s age: 31

your occupation: sahm, data entry from home for the same co. my husband works for 🙂

spouse’s occupation: payroll for appliance parts company

age of children: 11 & 9

your dream job: i think i have it…i’m able to be home!

worst job you ever had: dish washer @ pizza hut. ugh! nasty!

favorite time of year: spring time minus the allergies!

favorite holiday: Christmas!

birthday: oct 24th

anniversary: july 6th

are you a morning or night person?: neither really, but i guess i’d have to choose night

what is your least favorite aspect of your current occupation?: i have to SIT so much

favorite activity with your family?: just getting out of the house is good for us.

favorite activity when you have ‘alone time’?: i have no idea what ‘alone time’ is.

what is your greatest fear?: driving at night/in rain

what is your nervous habit? (biting fingernails, fidgeting, tapping your foot…): clicking my fingernails against each other/picking at my nails/cuticles.

did you go to college? where? if you didn’t go, do you plan to?: nope, nowhere & nope.

if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? (pretending that safety is not an issue): rome