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I had to chuckle at the topic b/c some in my parish refer to our pastor as being “liberal”, but I tell ya, they would die if they heard what SOME priests in other parishes are up to!

Granted, I’m still doing my reading and catching up on all the things I should have learned years ago, but the impression that I have gotten from reading the Vatican II documents and analyses is that while the Council allowed for more “mainstream” or “liberal” liturgical practices, it did not prohibit any of the traditional practices. So you can still kneel before receiving Communion if you wish. And if you do not want to receive Communion in your hand, you don’t have to. Any priest that requires that is not following the dictates of Vatican II that allow for that. I think that is where alot of misunderstanding about Vatican II has come about…the introduction of newer practices was not intended to supercede the traditional practices, but to add to them. Just like with Latin Mass…it’s not prohibited to have Latin Mass and if you want a Latin Mass at your Church, you should petition your diocese.

I guess this is where the “liberal priests” thing comes into play. Because these so-called priests (and I say so-called b/c if they aren’t adhering to the Church’s teachings, how can they be considered real priests?) do see Vatican II as superceding the traditional practices and try to force the more liberal/mainstream interpretation on their congregants. I don’t blame people for getting upset!

Nancy, bookmark and , both EXCELLENT resources for figuring out what the Church really teaches and why. I also recommend Christopher West’s explanation of Pope JP II’s Theology of the Body (through his varied seminars – for a full explanation of the Church’s teachings regarding “feminism”, sexuality and marriage. It will all make sense to you! 🙂