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Please pray for my grandson who has a court date tomorrow. Please Jesus, help him, I place him in Your Hands and I know You will not let him down Lord. You always come through for us…I thank you Heavenly Father in advance for this favor.. I pray that You give the people involved in his case a compassionate and understanding heart. Please allow them to reason with my grandson and he will be spared of any punishment. May he come through with flying colors for only You Lord can do the Impossible!
Mother Mary please pray Jesus walk in with him , that He be the Judge and Mother please represent my grandson . please be his lawyer…Thanks Mother, you know my worry and pain as I wait for tomorrow I am confident and trust Jesus will grant us this miracle.
Jesus knows my grandson’s heart and so I have faith He knows this situation is unfair .. Praise God , I thank everyone that will pray for my grandson and may your prayers be also answered…

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